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Mitchell Taylor Exports LTD.

About Us

We are family-owned business, with three generations and over 100 years of experience within the Irish cooking oil business. We have a positive, long-standing reputation with many of the country’s top food organisations and continue to grow in line with the Irish food industry.

Servicing most HSE hospitals, nursing homes, takeaways, supermarkets, Dublin Airport, restaurants, and hotels.

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Our Services

Our focus is customer service, from collections of used cooking oils, grease trap waste, grease trap servicing to delivery of new cooking oils or frying fats.

Oils Fats & Grease Wastes

Waste Collection

Grease Trap Servicing

Used cooking oils, fats & grease trap material can be converted into reusable energy. Oils and fats can be converted into EU certified Bio-fuel, and waste grease trap material can be converted into Electricity.
Oils Fats & Grease Trap wastes are collected by MT. Oils, bulked up and sent on for processing to a number of different plants both here in Ireland and abroad. 

The bulk of our used cooking oils go to Green Biofuels Ireland Ltd http://www.gbi.ie/ where it is converted into bio-diesel, and most of our grease trap waste goes to Ormond Organics Ltd http://www.ormondeorganics.ie/ where it is converted into electricity. Both processes create sustainable fuel.

All collections carried out by Mitchell Taylor Exports LTD. are in accordance with this self-declaration for the supply of used cooking oil/waste oil for biofuel production under REDcert EU: Self Declaration 2019 (1)Collections are covered by Red Cert Certification.


Free Containers

We provide free containers to store your used cooking oils, grease trap waste & fats. We can also provide you with a supply and fitting service of excellent and recognised grease traps, that will give outstanding quality for your food outlet.

New Cooking Fats & Oils

New cooking oil

New cooking oils & fats can be purchased at a competitive rate either by calling our office or one of our staff.

There are a number of different oils on offer, from Soya, Rape, Sunflower, and Olive oils. Delivered directly to your restaurant, hotel, bar, or industrial units. Or, visit musgravemarketplace.ie where you can purchase directly.


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    Our History

    Three generations since the 1920s

    • The business originated on Ardee Street & Newmarket buying & selling horse and other animal hair for use in brushes & mattresses.
    • The next generation continued business in the buying & selling of offal and then branched into recycling used cooking oils & fats.
    • Now the third generation of the family continues as recyclers of used cooking oils & fats which are sold to be used in the production of biofuels and renewable.
    New Market Square Dublin 8